Welcome to Choyang's website

Yang Cao · 2017/04/27

hugo-academic theme

So, you want start a personal website? And you are an R user? Then the R package blogdown is probably the best choice to create a static website that is generated from plain Markdown or R Markdown documents.

My website was build with the hugo-academic framework, a perfect theme for personal or academic websites, and is hosted on Netlify. I made some customization according to personal needs, such as customizing the homepage widgets, changing website icon and enabling multilingual feature (both English and Simplified Chinese). The source code of my website is at https://github.com/rbind/choyang. For more details on the hugo-academic framework, please check out its demo.

Though my website is still very young, I will use it to share my projects and publications, as well as posts mostly related to experiences in R learning and bioinformatics analyis on microbiome.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any qeustions.